Sero Flex door plates are easy to use, require no tools and, with their minimalist design, blend in well with any architectural setting.


Sero Flex door plates have a world exclusive magnetic closure which means the insert can be positioned or replaced without tools. A dovetail joint retains the non-reflective acrylic sheet which is secured with a polished stainless steel pin. The pin can be simply lifted out with a magnet. So quick and easy to use, Sero Flex stands out from ordinary door plates.

The insert is a sheet of paper which can be printed with an ordinary office printer.

The lower part of the dovetail joint helps with installation by holding the sheet in place even without the acrylic cover. The back plate of the finely finished door plate is made of extruded aluminium.

Designed by büro uebele visuelle kommunikation, Sero Flex has won international awards.



Sero Flex is available in anodised silver and black and other colourways are possible.


Sero Flex is supplied in 150 mm and 305 mm heights. Further widths are available on request. The dimensions indicated are those of the paper insert.


Two milled slots make installing the 150 mm door plate very simple.

Sero Flex can be easily installed on glass doors or partitions using special adhesive pads with a silver or reflective backing, making them invisible. In this case, simply order Sero Flex without holes.

The 305 mm versions are installed with four screws. A drilling template for installation on a wall is supplied.

Microperforated A4 sheets of inserts which can be printed with any ordinary office printer are available for the 150 mm door plates. Standard A4 and A3 sheets can be printed as the inserts for the 305 mm models.

The acrylic sheet for the 305 mm models is fixed in place with a threaded pin. A suitable hex key is supplied.


Prof. Werner Sobek:

The system meets all sustainability requirements: it is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Neither adhesive joints nor composite materials are used which means that the individual components can easily be segregated and recycled. The ingenious installation concept means Sero Flex can respond flexibly to changing room occupancy, ensuring durability and a high level of functionality.


If required, the acrylic sheet is available with Braille script for the blind and partially sighted. Braille lettering is applied by piezoelectric relief printing using transparent, white or black ink. Tactile raised lettering in black or white is also possible.


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